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Buddy is an approximately two year old yellow lab. A few months ago Buddy came to us with a broken leg and his owners at the time could not afford to fix it or even have it amputated so as a clinic we decided to save his life, set up a Go Fund Me account, and paid for him to have his leg fixed.
We found him a home, but for personal reasons he was not able to stay with this new family.
We are now trying to find a new home for Buddy. He is a very sweet dog with high energy. He loves to play with his toys and fetches really well. Buddy also loves water and we are sure he would be a great lake dog. Buddy also does very well with all sizes of children, but he is so large that he can sometimes knock smaller kids down with his excitement.  While he is an amazing dog we have noticed a few things about him that makes it a little bit harder to find a home. You see, Buddy needs to be an only dog. He gets along with other large dogs for the most part but every once in a while something will happen and they no longer get along. He also loves to chase small things, such as cats, small dogs, rabbits, and most likely any other animal that moves quickly. If he is playing with other dogs we recommend that he be supervised and if you take him on hikes and see another dog coming, leashing him would be a good idea. We love Buddy very much and do not want to see him get into any trouble that could have otherwise been prevented.
Because of how bad Buddy's leg was broken, it was just under an inch shorter than his other leg after it was repaired. This makes it so when Buddy does too much he will start limping and he seems to experience some pain. We advise Buddy be on some form of pain medication for when he plays too hard, as well as a possible joint supplement. He will also need to have his weight maintained and not become overweight. 
Buddy is neutered and fully vaccinated. All of us at the clinic would love to take him home but we have all reached our limit on the amount of pets we can own at this time. We are looking for someone willing to take on the responsibility of owning a dog that doesn't always get along with every dog he meets, will keep him healthy (regular vaccinations, medications when needed), and will continue to take care of him as he inevitably gets older and possibly has more problems due to his leg.
Even if someone is willing to foster him during our search for a new forever home, it would be much appreciated! Buddy has been staying with us at the clinic and has been doing well, but we feel it would benefit Buddy to be in more of a home environment.